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Thursday, April 21, 2016
I'm like Waldo! Ya can't find me! LOL It's because I've hidden a bit and worked little bits on various scrapping things. I've loaded stuff to stores with the help of some ridiculously awesome friends! I have a to do list that's never ending!

I'm not leaving my scrapping world. I can't do that! I'm just slowing wayyyyyyyy down lol. I've got the mojo but just not the attention span. I've been sick for a month now, and it's making me nuts. I start to feel better then BAM....I start coughing again. Yes, I'm going to the doctors, I promise! Apparently this crud has been circulating all over the country. My kids have managed to get it three freaking times since December. How wacky is that? energy level is low.

I'm also working on various other things. I know...nothing new there! Shani's all over! :)

I love ya'll. I really do! I have such great support in our little community and love. I've been doing this for going on 7 years now believe it or not. At least 6 of those scrapping. I can't give it up, it would crush me. But I will be making more freebies and what not soon. 

I hope this finds you all well! <3 and="" for="" goodies="" look="" more="" p="" soon.="" updates="">

With sprinkles on cookies, and glitter in the air, all my love......

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